Charlotte Parent: Building a Family Through Adoption

Building a Family Through Adoption

Three families travel different avenues of adoption, all leading to happy relationships

ometimes, a family begins with a phone call. For Brian and Lauren Higdon, that call came from the birth mother who unexpectedly delivered their daughter in a car.

Jessica and Jay Masanotti received a call from their social worker at 10:30 p.m. on a Friday. Their baby had arrived two weeks early. Could they come to Asheville and pick up their baby?

Families who have adopted, whether domestically or internationally, say the process can be trying and unpredictable. It can be rife with paperwork and waiting as families work with birth parents, adoption agencies and government rules. But their advice if you’re looking into adoption as a way to build a family: Do it.

“Don’t be afraid,” says Lauren Higdon. “Step toward it and see what happens.” Following are the stories of three local families who chose to build their families through adoption.

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