Welcome Alana Galvin to the Pennsylvania Board

HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PROFESSION: Auditor with Sisterson & Company, LLP

TO ME THE GIFT OF ADOPTION IS…An organization that can assist families in fulfilling their dream of becoming a child’s parent.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO YOUR BOARD POSITION WITH GOA: Through a quick interaction with the Board President, I could see her excitement about the organization and had a feeling that this would be a great opportunity to get involved with a process with which I have heard about through my mother and close friends that have adopted children as well.

IMPACT YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE ON GOA: I would like to help the Pennsylvania Chapter make an impact on people lives. This is a new chapter so I would also like to help assist them in the process of getting on their feet and becoming successful at giving back.

FAMILY: (number of kids, married, etc.): Engaged to be married in September 2018

FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITION: Christmas brunch at my parents’ house with all of our growing families. I have two brothers and four cousins and everyone comes together, makes a dish, and sits around talking about all the new things and sharing in the holiday spirit.

MOST MEANINGFUL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Not settling for something less than my worth. Since graduating from college, my career path has taken several different paths and challenges and through every hurdle, I try to find the meaning and strive for better.

FIRST JOB: Lifeguard for the local community pool

PERSONAL HERO: My parents. They are the reason I am who I am today. I have watched them push through hard times and celebrate in good times and through it all, they were always able to show me the value of life and love.

LAST BOOK READ: I have to admit, I can’t remember the last book I read, unless you count studying for the CPA exam.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Cooking – I love looking online for a new and interesting recipe and trying it.

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO: Find joy and happiness in everything that I do.