Application Update

Update Your Grant Application

Thanks for providing the requested updates to your application.

You indicated that you have not formally accepted a child referral (international adoptions) or you have not formally accepted a birth mother match (domestic adoptions). For this reason, we will tentatively delay the review of your application and request another update in one month.

Because the number of applications we receive greatly outnumber the funding we have available, we want to present your application to the committee at the time that is most advantageous for your particular situation. Having a child referral or birth mother match in place when being presented to the committee for review significantly increases the urgency of the situation and strengthens an application’s chances for funding. This does not mean all applications with matches in place are funded -but- in almost all cases, applications without a match in place are NOT funded.

Your application fee entitles your application to be presented for review up to three times. If you feel strongly that you would like to have your application presented without a match in place, we are happy to oblige but please understand it will most likely not be approved for a grant.

If you know you will not receive a referral or match until a certain time, please let us know that so that we can update your file accordingly and not send the update request each month. However, because things can sometimes change very quickly in the adoption process, we recommend you continue to receive the application update request email each month.

Please note, if you are selected to receive a grant, Gift of Adoption will verify the information you provide with your agency prior to awarding a grant. If the information provided is not accurate, it may jeopardize any potential grant award.

If you have any questions concerning Gift of Adoption Fund or the application process, please email