Friend of the Chapter

FRIEND of the CHAPTER Program

A Friend of the Chapter supports the chapter of their choice. Friends of the Chapter increase the capacity of a chapter to award the adoption assistance which brings more children home.

A Friend of the Chapter commits to an annual gift of $1,000 or more for each of three years. Payments may be made monthly, quarterly, or annually at the preference of the Friend member.

Gift of Adoption provides quarterly communication to Friends on the impact of the gift along with recognition on our website, at events, and in the annual report.

Gift of Adoption provides adoption assistance grants to complete the adoption of vulnerable children – giving them permanent families and the chance to thrive.

Friend of the Chapter List

Ms. Lauren Agostini

Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Baird

Mr. Michael Baughman

Jim Bauman

Jason and Opie Blackwell

Ms. Jennie P. Carey

Mr. and Ms. Brian J. Casper

Ms. Cheryl Chip

The Clorox Company Foundation

Charles and Dianna Colman

Tim Cowan

Dick and Kris Davidson

Gary and Kathy Dittrich

Susan and Craig Fennema

Mr. Matthew Flowers

Tiffany and Matt Gardner

Andy, Mitch and Grace Gavlak

Courtney and Matt Glass

Scott and Deb Holtorf

James Skinner Baking Company

Chelsea and Chad Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Joines

Joe and Meghan Jordan

Jason and Beth Klawonn

Lynn Kochanek

Ms. Caroline V. Krider and Mr. Paul Smith

Krygiel/Daley Family

Ms. Anna Labno

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Lam

Norma J. and David C. Lauder

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Leaman

Mr. and Mrs. William Ledbetter

Bob and Lori Lucchetti

David and Jennifer Lukas

Ms. Kristin Mariani

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marsh

Oba McMillan

Candace Moore

Guy and Sandra Ockerlund

Dr. and Mrs. Chris R. Parker

Karen and Jeff Parkhill

Scott and Dawn Ripkey

Kurt Ripkey

Viki and Tom Rivkin

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Smith

David and Julie Stout

Mr. Brent Tollison

Mr. Michael Valley

 Todd Valentine

Mr. Austin Wiley

Ray and Katie Zimmerman