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Welcome to the Home Page of the Gift of Adoption of Washington.

Gift of Adoption of Washington is an emerging chapter and is currently seeking leaders throughout the state to get involved as chapter leaders and help the chapter grow and reach more families.

Board members are responsible for building awareness and raising funds for this rapidly growing, energetic, national, nonprofit dedicated to putting adoption in reach for the millions of children world-wide without a family.  Gift of Adoption inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children without families permanent homes and the chance to thrive.

Board members can be located anywhere in the state, but must be willing to participate in monthly calls and quarterly in-person meetings to support the development of a strong state presence – as we create awareness of this new philanthropic category and resource our vision.

If you would like to work with smart, dedicated people who believe that a loving family is a basic right for children everywhere, contact Pam Devereux, CEO.

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1 month ago

Gift of Adoption Fund - Washington Chapter

Congratulations to Gift of Adoption Fund - Washington Chapter Co-President, Lilly Ghahremani!Lilly Ghahremani was born in 1977 and raised in Chicago. She attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, which she chose in part based on its strong Persian language program. During her time there, she became more deeply involved in Iranian culture, choreographic cultural shows for the Persian Students Association. She graduated with a BA in English and a slightly less cringe-worthy accent when speaking Persian.

As the Persian stereotype goes, Lilly proceeded straight to law school at UCLA at the age of 21. There, she served as Chief Articles Editor of the Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law. Following law school graduation and the bar exam, Lilly decided to apply her legal knowledge to the arts, focusing on licensing and representation. In 2004, she co-founded of Full Circle Literary, a literary agency on the west coast specializing in representing diverse stories and viewpoints. The agency has been a pioneer in bringing underrepresented, minority voices to an industry that is often criticized for its lack of diversity. In 2008, she also obtained her MBA in Marketing from SDSU.

Today, Lilly jokes that she uses her persuasive powers for good – she founded Lucky 13 Strategies, a marketing strategy firm, to serve small businesses, nonprofits and startups. She is proud to include many prominent Iranians and Iranian-owned organizations among her successful clients, including Dating with Confidence creator Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, the TopTopic website, Los Angeles cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Tanya Kormeili, Seattle based Executive Coach Sue Siami, and COO Natashah Torki of Beauty By Dolly.

Lilly is deeply involved with Gift of Adoption, an organization that assists with assuring that at-risk children, including those with medical issues, special needs, sibling groups and older kids, get a forever family. She serves on GOA’s national grants committee and as Co-president of its Washington chapter. She is also on the Board of the Irlen Syndrome Foundation and advises numerous other nonprofits throughout the year.

She is thrilled to be collaborating with OneAmerica as the Communications Consultant for its SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE campaign (www.speakyourlanguage.org). SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE promotes the importance of home languages, recognizing the important language assets immigrants already have and bring to our schools and communities. The campaign is a groundbreaking advocacy effort with and for immigrant communities, particularly with regard to the societal pressure to abandon their “mother tongues” in exchange for English. However, a wealth of research indicates that home language maintenance actually assists with English language learning and highlights the numerous cognitive benefits of bilingualism for all ages. She is working with the OneAmerica team to spread this enlightening research, along with tools and encouragement, to individuals of all backgrounds, so we can all feel free to proudly maintain our roots, beginning with language.

Lilly lives and works in Seattle, Washington, with frequent visits home to visit her parents in San Diego for doses of vitamin D - and the best kotlet in the world (her mom’s).
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Congratulations to Gift of Adoption Fund - Washington Chapter Co-President, Lilly Ghahremani!

2 months ago

Gift of Adoption Fund - Washington Chapter

Gift of Adoption Fund
Wishing you and your loved ones peace, love and joy this New Year. Your support makes so much possible for parentless children and your impact is life-changing. Please consider a donation to Gift of Adoption today.
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Gift of Adoption Fund

3 months ago

Gift of Adoption Fund - Washington Chapter

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100% of donations directly to the Chapter are used to provide adoption grants in this region.