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Many hands make light work.

We need your help to get even more children home to loving, permanent families. Please join our recurring giving program — The Journey Fund — to help us bring more children home this year.

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“The cost of international adoption is so daunting— knowing there are adoption assistance grants available makes this journey feel possible and I believe for many families, it helps them to say ‘yes’ because it offers hope.”

Summer is wonderful reminder of the joys of childhood- long days of playing outside, family vacations, swimming lessons, and BBQs. Unfortunately, for so many children around the world without families, summer is just another stressful time of worry and loneliness. Together, can change this. We are writing to you today to ask you to consider joining our recurring giving program – The Journey Fund – to help fund adoptions and give children the families they deserve. The first $6,000 raised will fund a grant to bring home Mario. After that, your monthly gifts will directly fund other grants to bring more children home.

Meet Mario
Mario, a 15-year-old from Bulgaria, has spent many difficult summers. Mario was removed from his mother’s care due to chronic neglect at age three and has lived as a ward of the State ever since. Mario was diagnosed with Epilepsy after years of untreated seizures. Orphanages in Bulgaria are overcrowded and understaffed and he was not able to receive the care he needed.
Bryan and Kathi learned about Mario while in the process of adopting their daughter, Deni, from Bulgaria in 2018 and promised themselves they would apply if Mario remained available for adoption once they were ready to adopt again. Bryan describes Mario as “a vibrant young man. Mario does well in school, and his favorite classes are Science and Technology. He has a close circle of friends and is known as a compassionate and dependable teen who volunteers to help his foster family with his younger, foster brother who has special needs.
Mario’s Epilepsy diagnosis has caused him to be overlooked as an adoption prospect since he was listed on the international register six years ago. Until he was advised of our interest in adopting him earlier this year, Mario was sure he would age out of the system and be alone in life, as he has no known family.”
Left: Kathi and Bryan with their daughter, Deni (adopted from Bulgaria in 2018) Right: Deni on the beach during a family vacation.
It is not an overstatement to say that adoption will save Mario’s life. Half of the orphans who age out of the Bulgarian system will be victimized by either organized crime or human traffickers. Here in the U.S., Mario will enjoy the wholeness of a loving family, competent treatment for his Epilepsy, and the ability to live a full, productive life where he can fulfill his dream of a career in either IT or Science.
Many hands make light work. We need your help to bring Mario home. Bryan and Kathi plan to travel to Bulgaria this December to finalize Mario’s adoption. Please consider joining our recurring giving program – The Journey Fund – or make a a one-time contribution to help raise the $6,000 Bryan and Kathi need to complete this adoption. Your donation, no matter the size, will help give Mario, and countless other children, the gift of carefree summers with loving families of their own.
Thank you for making Gift of Adoption a philanthropic priority. Your support makes an incredible difference.