Investor Board

Ann G. Airey
Jesse and Andrew Arno
Sol and Angela Bahng

Cyn Barrette
James Bauman and Candace Moore
Charles W. and Kimberly W. Bernard
Robert and Maureen Bland
Karen and Dan Brennan
Meghan and Dan Burns
Chris and Petey Butler
James and Judith Callan
Katie and Jake Carney
Kath M. Carter
Shashona Chau

Stephen and Kim Chipman
Kevin and Linda Coenen
Carrie and Ed Del Hierro
Pam Devereux and John Brassil
Greg DiDomenico
Siobhan Flynn and Alec Dike
Mitch and Melanie Dolloff
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Frey
Randi Friedman
Kate and Dan Gibbons
Anne Gross
Christine and William Guthrie
Alison Gutterman
Laura and Gary Hill
Debbie K. Hogate
Tom and Colleen Huffman
Maureen and Ben Ivory
Amanda Jacobowski
Jerry James and Kitty Bliss
Tatia Jones
Doug and Carol Kelly
Andrew P. Kerai, Sr.
Lisa M. Kieres and Frank P Salathe Jr.

David and Amanda Knight
Sharon and Gerry Komlofske
Steven and Allison Koppel
Glen Mangold
Corinne and Bill McClintic
Mr. and Mrs. William McHenry, in honor of William and Jeanne McHenry

Scott Carver and Teri McIntire
Keith and Judy McNiff
Michelle McVey
The Morgret Family

Ed and Nancy Mulligan
Daniel and Tiffany Neely
Parker, Gemma, Jack and Mariana
Elizabeth and Ben O’Connor
Christopher and Linda Ohmacht
Jerry Palmer
Judith Pendell
Michele and David Perlman
ArLynn Presser
Jonathan Pryor, In Loving Memory of Dr. Jan Huston Pryor
Jeff Ramson and Kerry Corbit
Meg and Mike Revord
Jim and Laura Roth
Lydia and Patrick Ryan
Jack and Sarah Salzwedel
Robert and Louise Sanborn
Michael and Sheba Sands
Michele Seidl and Neil Shubin
Linda Simon and family
Pam Simons, Annie Simons, in loving memory of Rod Simons
Mark and Mary Sliwkowski
Abby and Mike Smerklo
Leslie Smith
Cheryl and Bill Sorabella
Gary and Lana Stachlowski
Greg Stemler
Tim and Sue Sullivan
Tim Swett and Suzanne Burke
Elizabeth and Brian T. Tenner
Liz Van Horn
Jim and Jill Vint
Cindy L. Warner
Susan Garner Wenzel
Kelly West
Steven Williams and Yvette Morrison
Lucy Wyka (Gift of Adoption Founder)
Allyson and Richard Zak
Renato and Gina Zanichelli
In Memoriam: Peter S. Gutrich