Investor Board

Ann G. Airey Glen R. Mangold
Anonymous (2) Tiffany and Daniel Neely
Claire and Bud Bach Ben & Elizabeth O’Connor
Sol and Angela Bahng Christopher and Linda Ohmacht
Mr. Jim Bauman Suzy and Mike Parks
Chris and Terry Blake Lydia and Richard Porter
Kitty Bliss and Jerry James Jeff Ramson
Robert and Maureen Bland Anne and Bill Rankin
Dan and Meghan Burns Meg and Mike Revord
Tatia Caldwell Jim and Laura Roth
James and Judith Callan Lydia and Patrick Ryan
Kath M. Carter Robert & Louise Sanborn
Molly Kastory Carter Andrew Thomas Smith
Stephen and Kim Chipman Lana and Gary Stachlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Crow Matthew Steinmetz
Pam Devereux and John Brassil Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Stemler
Greg DiDominico Brad and Paige Sullivan
Joe and Gloria DiMario Tim and Sue Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Downing Christa and Vernon Sumwalt
Luke & Lucy Fletcher Tim Swett and Suzanne Burke
Melanie and John Furlan Michael Uzer and Leslie Smith
William and Christine Guthrie Jill and Jim Vint
Didi Haase Susan and Tom Wenzel in memory of Jim and Betty Garner
Deborah K. Hogate 

House of Huckleberry

Lucy Wyka (Gift of Adoption Founder & Angels in Adoption award recipient)
Maureen & Ben Ivory Allyson and Richard Zak
Sharon and Gerry Komlofske Renato and Gina Zanichelli
Steve and Allison Koppel In Memoriam – Peter S. Gutrich
Norma and David Lauder Parker, Gemma, Jack and Mariana