About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Gift of Adoption. Our mission is to provide adoption assistance grants to complete the adoptions of children in vulnerable circumstances—giving them permanent families and a chance to thrive.

Our Story

Because they were blessed with the resources to afford the financial burden of three adoptions, Lucy and Gene decided to pay it forward. So in 1996, with the sole purpose of helping children get adopted, the Wyka’s establish a private family giving foundation: The Gift of Adoption Fund.

“We couldn’t help but notice how so many other hopeful parents were not as fortunate as us financially,” noted Lucy and Gene.

“Yet it quickly became obvious that under the existing private fund structure, we would only be able to scratch the surface in terms of providing financial assistance to those longing to adopt,” added Lucy.

To strengthen their vision, Lucy and Gene changed the legal status of the fund from a private to a public charity. This allowed affiliate organizations – chapters – to then be formed. Functioning as fundraising partners, these chapters share the Gift of Adoption Fund’s non-profit 501(c) 3 status while rallying local efforts across the country.