25th Anniversary See Then & Now Photos Celebrate 25 Years with Us Welcome to GOA Welcome to Gift of Adoption We provide grants to complete the adoptions of vulnerable
children—giving them permanent families and the chance to thrive.
Give the Gift Give the Gift that brings them home You do not have to adopt to give a child a family.
Your donation to Gift of Adoption provides a priceless
sense of belonging to a child in need of a family.
Join the Cause We invite you to join the cause  Rethink the impact you can have.
If you believe that a loving family is a
basic necessity for children everywhere,
Get involved with the chapter in your area.
Apply for a Grant Apply for a Grant  If you are facing a financial hurdle in your adoption
journey, consider applying for a Gift of Adoption grant.

Did You Know?


140 Million Children Worldwide Are Orphaned

That is equal to half the population of the United States – and they are all under the age of 18 and in desperate need of a family to call their own.


80 Million Americans Have Considered Adoption

Less than 2% of those who have considered adoption will ever begin the process, and because of the high cost, just 1% of those Americans complete the process of adopting.


More than $11.9 Million In Adoption Assistance Grants Have Been Awarded

The Gift of Adoption Fund has reached over 4,027 children with the gift of family.


How You Can Bring Children Home to Loving Families



Your donation to Gift of Adoption completes the adoptions of otherwise vulnerable children – giving them a permanent family and the chance to thrive.



If you believe a loving family is a basic necessity for children everywhere, join hundreds of volunteers around the country to further the cause.



If you have started an adoption journey and need the last bit of funding to bring your child home, Gift of Adoption is here to help you.

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