DEI Update June 28, 2022: Grant Program Review

DEI: Scope of Grant Program review

Task Team:

  • Shaneetra Gross: GOA Chief Administration Officer & GOA DEI Task Force member
  • Brian Murphy: GOA Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
  • Sanjay Thirumalai: GOA National Board of Governors
  • Christine Davis: GOA Metro D.C. Chapter Board Member
  • Michael Fleming: GOA Texas Chapter Board Member
  • Karin Carli, JD: [External] Staff Attorney, Greenlight Family Services


  • With the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion; to make sure the Gift of Adoption grant program and its components do not prevent qualified adoptive families from receiving assistance.
  • To review processes, practices, policies, and materials to identify opportunities for improvement and to remove any potential unconscious biases.
  • To mirror the community of adoptive parents and adopted children.

Scope of Review:

  • GOA ENDS Policy:
    • Mission Review Status: COMPLETED by National Board September 2020.
    • Vision Review Status: TO BE REVIEWED by National Board outside scope of Grant Program Review, likely in conjunction with annual National Board Meeting in October 2021.
GOA Grant Policies and Application Scoring Matrix
GOA Grant Program WebPages/Grant Program Marketing Collateral
GOA Outreach Materials, Communications, Priorities
GOA Grant Application
GOA Communications to Applicants (pre and post-award)
GOA Referral Partners/Service Providers (expectations of payees of GOA grants)

Task Team Recommendations/Findings:

  • Recommendation requiring Board Approval:
    • Allow non-U.S. citizens residing in U.S. to apply for grants (documented and undocumented)
      • The National Board of Governors opted not to vote on this recommendation at its December 2021 meeting.
  • Recommendations that do not require Board Approval (these recommendations have or are being implemented):
    • Improve/expand language around relative adoptions to clarify that this is a GOA funding priority and families completing relative adoptions are encouraged to apply.
    • Include DEI component to GSC (Grant Selection Committee) training
    • Add DEI/non-discriminatory language to chapter review process for tier 2 grant recommendations.
    • Review GSC family profile/compelling story to make sure identifying information is removed.
    • Have greater diversity in the pictures of adoptive parents (racial, multi-racial, same sex, single parent, etc) on the website (main page & the Need) and the grant program brochure
    • Provide DEI-focused resources for applicants
    • Include specific outreach activities directed to diverse populations in addition to those where restricted funding is available (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, People w/ Disabilities, Etc)
    • Consider developing a position statement to include on website and in grant payment communications to convey:
      • Gift of Adoption does not discriminate in providing its services.
      • Gift of Adoption does not endorse ASPs that practice discrimination.
      • Gift of Adoption hopes that all ASPs would adhere to non-discriminatory practices/policies.