Family Update

PLEASE NOTE: This page is intended only for GOA grant recipients.

Gift of Adoption is a non-profit organization that relies on public support in order to award adoption assistance grants like the one awarded to your family. Evaluating and sharing the impact our adoption assistance grants have on the children and families who benefit from them is critical to our ability to continue to secure additional support to help even more children and families like yours.

The extent to which information about your adoption grant will be shared is dependent on the option your family selected on the Grant Applicant Publicity Authorization form and the Publicity Authorization Supplement. Please know, we will not share confidential information or specific identifying information such as your last name, address, phone number, etc.)

Part 1 of this evaluation was completed and returned to Gift of Adoption prior to disbursement of your grant award.

Part 2 of this evaluation was completed and returned to Gift of Adoption on or around the six-month anniversary of your grant award.

It is our sincere hope that you have found your experience with Gift of Adoption to be a positive experience and that the adoption assistance grant awarded to your family has had a significant impact on your adoption journey and on the life of the child(ren) you have adopted or will soon be adopting.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the Grant Evaluation, please contact Shaneetra Gross, Chief Administrative Officer, at 847.205.2784 ext. 501 or

Thank you for allowing Gift of Adoption to be a part of your adoption journey.