Isabella & Cruz

Adoption Success Story: Isabella & Cruz

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio– A North Royalton family recently received a special gift to help them adopt a two year-old girl from China.

The family couldn’t afford the expensive adoption process, however thanks to a special charitable grant and donations, their dreams have now become a reality.

“These organizations are vital and a huge part of forming families and giving children a life that they would not have other wise,” said Rica Allen.

She and her husband, Chad, are grateful to charitable organizations like “Gift of Adoption” Ohio Chapter.

The Allens know all too well how expensive the adoption process can be; they have two adopted children their daughter Isabelle and their son Cruz.

“It’s 20 to 30 thousand dollars to adopt and instantly a family feels defeated, like how are we going to do that?” said Chad Allen.

Last year, the Allens wanted to adopt baby Faith. She was in an orphanage in southern China and needed special care. The family didn’t have enough money to bring the 2-year-old to their North Royalton home until “Gift of Adoption”  stepped in.

“We were short $7500 and “Gift of Adoption” granted us $7500,” said Rica.

The Allen family says without that grant, they would not have been able to adopt and bring little Faith to Ohio.

“It was huge to us. We are so grateful. We definitely saw God’s provisions through this organization and we are very grateful for them and other grant organizations that are out there that are helping families like ours grow their family through adoption.”

Nancy Adams is the president of the “Gift of Adoption” Ohio chapter. Her organization has helped to make 14 adoptions possible in just the last two years.

“Families shy away sometimes because of the cost,” said Adams.

Adams says even though adoptions are pricey, there’s always a way. “It’s important to look at all the grant opportunities available and look for ways to do it because there are so many children both domestically and internationally that need families.”

Since 1996 the “Gift of Adoption” fund has granted more than $3 million to help unite more than one thousand children with permanent families across the nation.

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