Adoption Success Story: Amanda


Amanda is a beautiful three-year-old Estonian orphan with Downs Syndrome. Unfortunately, many children in international orphanages who have Downs Syndrome are transferred to mental institutions at the age of four. The odds of them being adopted after that are extremely low. Knowing this, Thomas and Kris decided to act.

In 2007, Tom and Kris welcomed Kara into their family when they adopted her from the Ukraine. Kara and their youngest daughter, Meghan, also have Downs Syndrome. Knowing there are so many more children like Kara who are in need of the love and security of a family, Tom and Kris soon began a second adoption journey. Financing a second adoption so closely on the heels of the first proved to be difficult. Because time was of the essence, they turned to Gift of Adoption for assistance. An adoption assistance grant from Gift of Adoption provided the last bit of funding needed to give Amanda a forever family and allow her to be all she is meant to be.